Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

Our firm specializes in providing representation in the field of commercial law including in disputes between companies, partnerships, and various matters such as investments, contracts, investment agreements, privacy protection and information security, defamation, brokerage transactions, distribution agreements, and more.

Optimal representation in the field of commercial litigation requires business acumen, experience in managing crises, and strategic planning abilities. Furthermore, representation in the field of commercial law requires multidisciplinary experience in a wide variety of topics, including contract law, agency law, the law of unjust enrichment, and more.  

The firm’s team has extensive experience in representing clients in a wide variety of business and commercial disputes involving private individuals, business entities and public institutions. The firm has represented a public entity in a dispute involving of millions of ILS, a technology company in commercial disputes, private individuals and contract disputes, public personalities in relation to privacy protection and defamation, and more.

Corporate Litigation

Our firm specializes in providing representation in corporate disputes including shareholder’s disputes, lawsuits for the removal of shareholder’s oppression, counsel to officers, and more. The firm provides representation in all areas of the unique proceedings related to the corporation, including protection against motions to certify a derivative lawsuit and protecting officers in lawsuits for breaching their duty of care or fiduciary duty to the company. The firm recently provided representation in an appeal before the Israel Supreme Court in a lawsuit to remove minority shareholder oppression in a publicly traded company as well as in defending against motions to certify derivative lawsuits.

Representing clients in corporate litigation requires integrating comprehensive legal knowledge of proper corporate governance with experience in providing representation in complex commercial disputes. Dr. Aridor Bar-Ilan succeeds in integrating  both practical experience as well as academic and research knowledge, among other things, in the course, “Corporate Litigation,” that she has been teaching for several years at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law. Dr. Aridor Bar-Ilan published an academic article, “Document Discovery as the Central Battlefield in Derivative Actions,” that discusses the unique information disparities in corporate litigation. This article was recently cited by the Hon. Justice Ofer Grosskopf in CA 47302-05-16 Better Place Israel 2009 Ltd. (in liquidation) v. Shai Agassi et al (published in Nevo, 12 September 2018) in paragraph 89.

Class Action Lawsuits

The firm specializes in representing clients against motions to certify class actions in diverse commercial fields and has succeeded in bringing about the withdrawals of class action certification motions that were filed against its clients. The firm provides representation in motions to certify class actions involving commercial issues in the fields of banking, accessibility, and communications.

Class action litigation is a constantly-evolving field, and the firm’s team is up-to-date and well-versed in new developments, applying creative and expansive thinking to bring about the denial of certification motions filed against its clients.


The firm specializes in appellate representation and successfully implements strategic thinking and creativity in order to advance precedential issues in presenting the case before the Israel Supreme Court in an orderly, concise, and sharp manner. Dr. Yael Aridor Bar-Ilan has successfully represented clients in complex appeals before the Israel Supreme Court in the fields of corporate and commercial litigation, where she combines both her practical experience as well as her academic knowledge.

Dr. Aridor Bar-Ilan’s article, “Disputable facts which discusses the Israel Supreme Court’s intervention in findings of fact by the District Courts,  has been cited in numerous decisions and opinions by the Israel Supreme Court as well as the lower courts.

International Disputes

The firm represents international clients in disputes in Israel as well as Israeli clients in international disputes in a variety of commercial fields, including in the field of technology. Dr. Aridor Bar-Ilan has extensive experience in representing clients in cases involving enforcement of foreign judgments in Israel as well as service of legal process outside the jurisdiction and international arbitration, including through the ICC.

The firm’s team is experienced in representing clients before international entities and is well connected with lawyers outside of Israel. The team has experience handling the complex aspects of representation in international disputes such as taking testimony by video, international document discovery proceedings, and more. Dr. Aridor Bar-Ilan studied in the US at the prestigious Harvard University and worked at an American law firm in the US. Additionally, the attorneys at the firm studied in the US and/or have experience in handling legal proceedings involving international companies. The skills possessed by the firm’s attorneys give it the necessary edge in successfully representing clients in disputes in this field.

Regulation and Consulting

Our firm provides expert representation before regulatory entities including government ministries as well as the State Comptroller and Ombudsman in addition to advising our clients on various regulatory matters. We further provide ongoing advising and representation to public entities and institutions of higher education. Additionally, the firm provides legal counsel and consulting to our Israeli as well as international clientele on legal issues that come up during the course of their regular operations.

Arbitration and Mediation

The firm also represents its clients in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Furthermore, the firm represents clients in mediation intended to prevent litigation. In addition to representing the firm’s clients in arbitration and mediation, Dr. Aridor Bar-Ilan serves as an arbitrator and mediator in a variety of cases and was selected for inclusion in the prestigious group of arbitrators and mediators of the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration.

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